Different Types of Broaching Machine:Their Features and Applications

Different Types of Broaching Machine:Their Features and Applications

A broaching machine is a machine tool that uses a broach as a tool to process through holes, planes, and forming surfaces of workpieces. Broaching can obtain high dimensional accuracy and small surface roughness, high productivity, and is suitable for mass production. According to the structure, application fields, and functions of the machines, broaching machines can be divided into hydraulic broaching, automatic broaching, hard broaching, spiral broaching, vertical broaching, horizontal broaching, internal broaching, external broaching and pull type broaching, etc. In this article, we will introduce the features, differences, and applications of these different types of broaching machines one by one.

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

The transmission and drive systems used in many broaching machines are hydraulic systems, which are what we call hydraulic broaching machines. For a broaching machine, every system and every component in it is indispensable. Many components are combined for coordinated operation, which can help the broaching machine to complete good processing operations and meet the needs of high-quality processing. . Among the internal systems of the broaching machine, the hydraulic system is a very critical system. The reason why the broaching machine can drive the broaching tool for high-power operation and broaching is due to its powerful hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder device. Using the hydraulic pump device can provide huge pressure to the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic cylinder will drive the entire transmission component to operate, thereby driving the broach for processing, achieving a high-precision driving effect. The development of hydraulic drive technology is very fast. Now the hydraulic system of the broaching machine can be fully integrated with the main equipment of the broaching machine, which further strengthens the stability of the hydraulic transmission and further improves the broaching function of the broaching machine. , to meet the requirements of more demanding broaching operations.


An automatic broaching machine is designed with a fully enclosed automatic loading and unloading broaching center, which consists of a loading system, a conveyor belt, and unloading system, and a broaching machine. the automatic broaching machine can be connected with other broaching machines for online inspection. Therefore, the operating surface is low, and there is no need to make pits. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic chip brushing mechanism to prolong the service life of the tool.

Hard Broaching Machine

The hard broaching machine is a high-speed broaching machine used to process high precision and high rigidity workpieces, the general cutting speed is 50~60 m/min for hard broaching.

Helical broaching Machine

A helical broaching machine is used when a spiral spline is desired for a workpiece in the case of an external spiral form, or external. the pot broach most often is held in place while the piece part is rotated and pushed over the broaching tool. Examples of spiral broaching applications are gun rifling and spiral transmission gears.

Continuous Broaching Machine

The continuous broaching machine is an intelligent broaching machine that can perform high-efficiency continuous processing of a large number of workpieces. Usually, the broach remains stationary in the broaching machine, the workpiece is fixed on the fixture of the conveyor chain, and the workpiece moves under the control of the output chain. The broach processes the workpiece according to the preset program. After the processing is completed, the controller controls the conveyor chain to move forward, then remove the finished product at the end of the conveyor chain and put the new workpiece on the empty fixture at the starting point of the conveyor chain, and reciprocates the processing steps according to this to realize the continuous processing of the workpiece.

Vertical Broaching Machine Vs Horizontal Broaching Machine

As the name implies, the horizontal broaching machine and the vertical broaching machine are different in structure. The horizontal broaching machine works horizontally, while the vertical broaching machine works vertically. Horizontal broaching machines are generally suitable for continuous broaching, rotary broaching, and surface broaching operations, and horizontal broaching machines are mainly used to generate longer strokes. Unlike horizontal broaching machines, vertical broaching machines use a vertically oriented spindle and the tool extends directly down from the tool holder, usually making the cut at the top of the workpiece. It relies on rotating tools to remove metal from the workpiece. It has a high-strength cast iron base and uprights for good stability and shock resistance. Vertical broaching machines have gravity as an advantage because the workpiece is in a steady state throughout the machine’s operation. Vertical broaching machines are mainly used for machining large and heavy workpieces with large diameters and short lengths or workpieces that are not easily clamped on horizontal lathes.

Pull-Up Broaching Machine Vs Pull-Down Broaching Machine

The pull-down broaching machine and the pull-up broaching machine both belongs to the vertical broaching machine. The main difference between them is that when the pull-up broaching machine is processing the workpiece, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable, the broach does not move, and the worktable drives the workpiece to move from the bottom to the top to complete the broaching process; On the contrary, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable and remains stationary, and the broach moves from top to bottom to complete the processing of the workpiece for pull-down broaching machine.

Internal Broaching Machine Vs Surface Broaching Machine

The main difference between the internal broaching machine and the external broaching machine lies in the difference in application fields. The internal broaching machine is usually used for broaching the inner surface of the workpieces, such as spline holes, square holes, etc.; the surface broaching machine is mainly used for broaching the outer surface of the workpiece.


In short, there are many kinds of broaching machines on the market, and with the development of technology, there will be more types of new broaching machines in the future. We should understand the features and differences of various broaching machines, and then choose the most suitable type of broaching machine according to your own processing needs.


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