Turbine Discs Broaching Machine

Turbine Discs Broaching Machine

Product Image:Turbine Discs Broaching Machine

Product Features

The turbine disc groove broaching machine adopts electrical and mechanical drive, which has better balance, longer tool life, better roughness, and large stroke. The main slide plate can clamp a broach with a total length of 4000mm at one time, and can clamp three row of broach at the same time. the number of stations can be increased according to needs; fixtures can be replaced according to needs, which is convenient for broaching different types of workpieces.


Turbine disk is one of the important core components in aerospace industry and energy industry. In the production process of turbine disk, broaching is particularly important. The diameters of the turbine disks vary in size, and there are radially distributed tongues and grooves in the disks. The processing accuracy and surface roughness of this groove are very high, and the processing materials are high-temperature alloys, which are very difficult to process. Therefore, broaching is a very adaptable and economical method. According to the actual situation of the parts to be processed, horizontal broaching machines of different sizes can be used for broaching turbine discs, and multi-stage processing with separate knives is adopted.

In addition, we also produce vertical broaching machines for gas turbine blades. The broaching of blades is a very typical broaching process. because of the wide variety of the blades and high requirements for surface roughness, we produce various types of low-speed vertical and horizontal broaching machines to process different kinds of blades. At the same time, after changing the fixture, the turbine disc groove can also be broached.